you won't believe how much fun 
taking senior pictures
can be!

So maybe I do have a few tricks that I use to get those authentic smiles. ; ) I promise you'll have fun. In fact, even the boys will walk away and say, "now that wasn't so bad!" Take a look around the website, peruse the senior galleries, download the portrait guide, then definitely book an appointment with me. I'm currently taking appointments for the Class of 2021! 

"I don't know how I do it. It's just easy for me to make them smile and get those looks that are so . . . You!"

Authentic Senior Photos


I've been capturing photos, professionally, since 2008! I've narrowed it down and realized my true love is capturing high school seniors. I don't know if there is anything better. 

SO...WHO IS DEENE SOUZA? Seriously, this is like so hard. LOL! I hate writing about myself! But if you must know all about me, then here goes. 

I'm 51 years young. Seriously, I thought at one point 50 was SSSOOOO old, but it's not. If you are a high school senior, trust me, you're right around the corner from me! I can remember when I was a senior like it was yesterday! 
I've also been a wife for almost 30 years! Oh my word, that's over half of my life! And I'd never change it! I met my husband in college at Cal Poly SLO - GO MUSTANGS! 

And lastly, the most important title I've ever had is "Mother".  My son Hayden gave me that distinction 27 years ago. My daughter Madalyn made it sweeter 23 years ago. I love my kids with all my heart! I'm also a grandmother to the cutest 1 year old you've ever seen!

Although I'm an empty nester, not much grass grows under my feet. 

Oh yeah, and I love to use "!" and " . . . " Look around, you'll notice that real soon!

since 2008

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